About HSI

Health Safety International (HSI) was founded for a single purpose: to promote client safety by creating more reliable, accurate and effective tools for caregivers. We focus on building efficient technology solutions for I/DD, elder care and other home- and community-based caregiving providers, each designed to simplify and streamline operations.

It's a business born from passion, the brainchild of one behavioral expert who has spent decades working to support individuals with intellectual disabilities. Over time, Carlos Gonzalez who lead a caregiving agency called BSTN, became frustrated by the gaps they witnessed in care reporting and risk management, and the lack of technology solutions available to address them. These gaps often jeopardized patient health and safety and left care teams spending more time with paperwork than patients.

Carlos began conceptualizing web-based solutions that addressed these challenges at BSTN, and once they proved successful, Carlos and Clayton launched HSI to share these innovations with other caregiving agencies.

Today, our products include the innovative HSI Portal for agency management, scheduling and billing; and two complementary apps, called S'mores and Alpha Scan, that work together to enable direct support professionals to provide more accurate client status updates and give management the ability to monitor and respond in real-time. Each new solution helps DSPs, treatment teams and agencies improve their services and, in return, improve care for these vulnerable communities.

About HSI Leaderhip Bio's

Carlos Gonzalez, MS BCBA


For nearly 20 years, Carlos has worked tirelessly to provide compassionate care for adults with intellectual and mental disabilities. In addition to leading HSI as its president, Carlos is founder and president of BSTN-Home and Community Supported Living, a position that gives him deep expertise in areas of clinical behavior analysis, risk management and employee training, in addition to the unique operational challenges care agencies face in providing home care and promoting patient and employees safety.

Drawing upon this wealth of experience and the insights gained through his concurrent role at BSTN, Carlos plays an instrumental role in guiding the direction and development of HSI's technology products. His understanding of where gaps in care and care supervision exists enables HSI to focus on creating solutions that truly make a difference in this vital industry

He pioneered the development of what became the HSI Portal and a suite of care apps at BSTN before creating HSI to make these products widely available to other agencies and continue the development of new products.

Carlos is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a Master of Science—Behavior Analysis and Therapy from Southern Illinois University. He also earn a Master Trainer Certification for TeamSTEPPS. and a Patient Safety Practitioner Certification from the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. John Hopkins Medicine.

Clayton R. Cea, MS BCBA

Clinical Director

Clayton has been a driving force at HSI since its inception. His 20 years of experience covers a number of key roles and functions, including behavior analyst, eco-behavior analyst home manager, clinical director, consumer satisfaction director and healthcare oversight and supervision. Clayton has designed and implemented intensive behavior support plans and supported living and day programs from the ground up, working with the support persons, conservators and families at the center of the programming. He has also produced trainings and systems enhancements for various audiences that include electronic, web-based and remote methods.

From his unique experience through his job at BSTN, a leading provider of residential, day and behavior therapy services, Clayton plays a critical role in analyzing HSI's products requirements and user experience with the product. His understanding of the clinical needs and organizational behavior management needs enables HSI to focus on delivering quality solutions that satisfy employees and consumer needs.

Clayton has a BS in Psychology from Arkansas State University and a Master of Science in Behavior Analysis and Therapy from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He has also earned a Health Care Management certification from the University of Georgia and a Master Trainer Certification for TeamSTEPPS.