HSI Care Apps

As a care agency, you're always looking for ways to close communication gaps between in-home providers and central hubs to ensure better real-time status reporting and crisis alerts. That's difficult to do with clunky paper reporting processes, which can also lead to inaccuracies and difficulty in providing speedy responses in crisis situations.

HSI's cost-efficient proprietary care apps take care of these major challenges, putting faster status reporting and monitoring not only into the hands of caregivers and agency supervisors, but also client families and conservators. It's a fast, paperless system that simplifies, streamlines and consolidates critical client information—an essential benefit that can help save lives.

For even greater oversight and insight, our S'mores and Alpha Scan apps can fully integrate with the HSI Portal software, giving you full-service operational management tools.

Our Apps
S'mores App

Direct support providers and clients can easily input the client's current status, which is then shared with the whole care team.

Alpha Scan App

Working in conjunction with S'mores, Alpha Scan allows both care agency supervisors and client conservators to monitor health status, current risk and sleeping.

CG Connect

While not an HSI app, we fully endorse this app that instantly connects caregivers with clients or agencies who need their services on demand.