CG Connect

Connecting Care When & Where It's needed

The CG Connect app is a completely new approach to closing gaps in care scheduling. No more scrambling to find caregivers to fill sudden shift vacancies. CG Connect enables agencies to ensure full coverage by reaching out to their network to find someone willing and available to take the shift.

How It Works
Build Your Network.

You start by building your network of available caregivers. This can be done in a few different ways:

  • Create a network using just your employees
  • Create a network of contractors
  • Tap into a network of contractors managed by HSI
  • Some combnation of the above

HSI's network includes caregivers with a variety of experience levels. We manage all vetting and background checks, certifying that everyone in the network has the appropriate qualifications.

Reach out to fill vacancies.

Think of CG Connect like "Uber for caregivers." when you need to fill a shift unexpectedly, you can simply post the time, location and details of the shift and let an employee or contractor choose to fill it according to their availability and work preferences.

Get Started

Contact us to see a demo of the app and for more information about rolling out the platform within your agency.