HSI Portal Care Agency Software

When it comes to patient and client care, reducing incidents of harm is the top priority. To do so, care agencies need the best tools available to collect and analyze data, oversee DSPs and caregivers, and maintain transparency among families and guardians—all in real time.

The HSI Portal is comprehensive software platform designed specifically for caregiving agencies. Our suite of operational modules work together to give you deep oversight and insight into employee and patient information, enabling you to make faster, more accurate decisions for day-to-day operations and crucial moments where every second counts.

With HSI Portal, you can

  • Consolidate all patient data in one places, accessible at any time
  • Close gaps in shift schedules through more efficient staff management
  • Maximize time management for clinicians, supervisors and caregivers
  • Manage the status of patients and caregivers at different locations all at once
  • Eliminate inaccuracies due to paper reporting
  • Provide more visibility for other service providers or conservators with easy access to needed reports and data

By spending less time on the reporting side of things, you free up caregivers and supervisors to spend more time on creating safer, healthier patient care experiences.

Software Modules
Individual Support

Caregivers can quickly and accurately input patient status and information during their visits, which can be monitored from the agency.

Recruitment & Training

Visually track the status of potential employees through your hiring process, and easily ensure employees are up-to-date on required training and certifications.

Scheduling & Timesheets

Manage everything from staffing plans, to employee availability and shift scheduling, to timesheets and overtime reports all in one place.

Quality Assurance & Supervision

With the Quality Assurance and Supervision module, you can take care of both with employee performance tools and reports that track any client issues.

Service Provider Billing

Manage the whole billing process from tracking approved and used service hours to assign hours and clients to therapists avoiding therapist overlaps. Therapist can see hours available, send service logs to manager and automatically track their total hours billed.